Little Heroes Living Safely

As a national association of nursery product manufacturers, we want families to feel that the important early years with a child are among the best years of their lives. Our information campaign on growing up healthily and free from accidents helps new parents to identify the potential dangers in various situations and for different age groups.


So that children grow up safe and sound

As an industry association it is our job not only to represent and develop the interests of nursery product manufacturers but also to have a positive influence on social conditions and legal frameworks for families and children. An important element of our work, therefore, is in providing information and advice on risks of accident and injury. The BDKH seeks to support young and still inexperienced parents in particular with its expertise. It was for this reason that we founded the ‘Little Heroes Living Safely’ initiative. We are supported in this by ambassadors and experts from within and outside our member companies. They make their expertise available to us on all channels and work hard to ensure that the content they supply has a broad reach.

Since 2021, our information campaign has been supplemented by expert discussions on video. Here, in relaxed discussions, experts from our member companies explain everything worth knowing about the product sector they represent. Again, the focus is on safety aspects and ways to avoid accidents, so our Little Hero ambassadors also have a chance to contribute to these discussions.